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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

This Course will Consist of 4 (1 Day and evening ) weekends and 100 hours of Teacher Training 

March 2024 to June 2024

Dates Of Our Upcoming Weekend Training

  • March 15th – 16th ( 1 and a half Day)
  • April 6th – 7th ( 1 and a half Days )
  • May 10th – 11th ( 1 and a half Days )
  • June 7th – 8th ( 1 and a half Days )


Areas of study

  • Childhood development
  • Fundamentals of teaching
  • Age appropriate Sequencing
  • Dealing with behavioral problems
  • Pranayama & meditation
  • Family Yoga
  • Teaching in schools
  • Intro to Yoga with additional needs
  • Course Objectives
  • Upon completion of training and passing the final exam trainees will feel confident to teach Children ages 3 – 13 years, in age-appropriate class types.
  • Trainees will be qualified to teach in School, after-school classes/courses, midterm and summer camps, and family Yoga classes.
  • Trainees will have gained an introduction to teaching children with additional needs and adults with learning disabilities.


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Your investment for this comprehensive 4 x 1 full day one evening day weekends 100 hours of training is €1,100

A deposit of 300.00 will secure your place, and a payment plan to spread the cost over 12 months is available to suit individual needs.

An early bird price of 900.00

Until March 1st 2023


Book now and secure your place. 


April 5th & 6th 2024

Become An Expert & Learn How To Teach Breathwork  Become a certified  Breathwork Coach 

Our Unique Breathwork Coach training is Breathwork and Pranayama ( Yogic breathwork ) and much much more will empower you to teach breathwork safely and confidently with your existing clients or new classes in group settings or one to one 
You will learn : 
  • Breathwork Techniques, Unlocking the Benefits of Conscious Breathing for Improved Wellbeing
  • powerful tools that can help people transform their lives. 
  • It’s a practice that involves conscious breathing, and it has been used for thousands of years to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 
  • In our training, we’ll explore the benefits of breathwork, how it works, and some techniques you can use to get trained as a breathwork Coach.

The Benefits of Breathwork


Breathwork can have a profound impact on one’s life. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve an overall sense of well-being. 

Imagine what you can do as a trained breathwork coach in your practice with your clients, for yourself, and helping others improve their health and wellbeing

Here are some of the most significant benefits of breathwork:

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: When you practice breathwork, you can lower your heart rate, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Improved Immune System: By practicing breathwork, you can increase the oxygen in your body, which can help boost your immune system and promote healing.
  • Increased Energy Levels: When you breathe deeply, you can increase the amount of oxygen in your body, which can help boost your energy levels.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: By practicing breathwork, you can help regulate your nervous system, which can improve your sleep quality.
  • Higher Consciousness: Inducing a dream-like experience, or what’s usually referred to as an altered state of consciousness (ASCs).
  • Trauma-Informed:  access parts of your psyche that can’t be reached under normal conditions. ( many people who practice breathwork agree that the technique has allowed them to access deeper levels of consciousness and heal naturally from past trauma.)

How Does Breathwork Work?

  • Breathwork involves conscious breathing, which means paying attention to your breath and intentionally altering it to achieve specific goals. 
  • There are many different types of breathwork, but they all share the same basic principles.

One of the most popular forms of breathwork is called “pranayama,” which is a Sanskrit term that means “breath control.”In Pranayama you focus on different breathing patterns, which can help you achieve specific goals, such as reducing stress or increasing energy.

Breathwork Techniques

There are many different techniques you can use to practice breathwork. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Box Breathing: This technique involves inhaling for a count of four, holding your breath for a count of four, exhaling for a count of four, and holding your breath for a count of four.
  • Conscious breathing: This technique involves consciously breathing in and out through the nose and holding the breath momentarily we will also look at  oxygen advantage, training nose breathing, and mouth taping ( ill give you recommended boos to read more ) 
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing: This technique involves using your fingers to alternate between blocking one nostril and breathing in and out through the other.
  • Ujjayi Breath: This technique involves breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth while making a “ha” sound.
  • Holotropic Breathwork: This Technique involves accelerated breathing and background breath beat music to help you increase self-awareness and cope with past traumas.
  • Mula bandha Breathwork:  This technique uses the mula bandhas ( core Locks in Yoga ) to draw the energy up there all the chakras to the third eye 

Breathwork is a powerful tool that can help you transform your life. 

  • By practicing breathwork, you can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your immune system, increase your energy levels, and improve your overall sense of well-being. 
  • There are many different techniques you can use to practice breathwork, so it’s essential to find the one that works best for you. ( we will be learning many different types of Breathwork to make you an awesome breathwork coach ) 
  • With consistent practice, you can experience the many benefits of breathwork and live a healthier, more balanced life.

Breathwork is used to relieve mental health conditions and their symptoms, like:

  • depression
  • substance use disorder
  • post-traumatic disorder ( PTSD)
  • anxiety
  • negative thinking
  • chronic stress 
  • tension
  • avoidance behaviors
In this complete Breathwork Coaching training, you will learn the incredible power of breathwork backed by scientific research.
  • You will learn how to implement breathwork into your teachings so that students can practice safely, and breathwork can become a life-changing tool for them.
  • You’ll be taught the right steps to create sessions responsibly and how to generate an honest living out of your teachings. 



Above that, this course is also an inner transformation journey. You will be doing daily breathwork and mind training sessions, as well as journaling and life-reflecting assignments to find purpose, clear blockages and manifest a beautiful life for yourself and others.


Join us for this 28 hr CPD training, 2-day lunch provided – Yoga Alliance Professionals Certification 

  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system and reset your autopilot out of stress and tension using breathing techniques. 
  • Learn how to assess other people’s breaths, gather information about their mental and physical health, and develop personalized breathing programs to help them reset. 
  • Pranayama offers us a way to temporarily shut down the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, the home of the monkey mind, which can become stuck in limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and old patterns of behavior due to stress and tension. 
  • It helps people to shift out of these negative mental imprints and connect spontaneously with an embodied sense of well-being.  
  • Breathing correctly can make a huge difference in the quality of people’s lives
  • It is an ancient healing tooling that is very much needed in our modern world. 
  • Join us and be a part of our Breathwork Coach team!

In this Breathwork training, you will learn



  • The science of breath
  • The history of breath
  • Balancing your P.H through breathing techniques
  • How to balance your nervous system using breathing techniques
  • Breathwork for Recovery
  • Neuroplasticity and breathing
  • Embodied somatic breathing techniques to heal stress, trauma, and anxiety. 
  • Polyvagal Theory and the Breath
  • Business and coaching skills 


  • Modern and ancient approaches to breath regulation
  • Creating a personal daily pranayama practice
  • Teaching pranayama
  • Resetting the nervous system
  • Breath Assessment


Breath Coach Training Fees

Book now and secure your place. 

Full Fees – €750

Early Bird – €650 before 24th March 2024

€250 Deposit secures your Place

Places are limited Booking essential 
You will receive a PDF Manual 
If you have other questions
please get in touch. 


Learn to Teach Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa and Breathwork

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Janurary 2024 – November 2024

This 200hr Yoga Teacher training is designed to offer you the opportunity to dive deeper into the Yoga practices of Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa yoga, and Breathwork and prepares you to share these teachings with others with confidence.


Deepen your Yoga practice and learn how to share ancient healing teachings in a modern world

During the training you will dive deep into practical anatomy, alignment philosophies, prop usage, and creative sequencing that is intelligently crafted, and immerse yourself in the history of yoga, philosophy, meditation, and pranayama.

This 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training also offers a solid foundation of hatha, yin, restorative, vinyasa, and breathwork for students that wish to take their practice to the next level and learn how to teach in a style authentic to you. It is taught one weekend per month for 11 months and can be taken online or in person. 


Areas of study

Restorative Yoga

January – February 2024


  • The science relating to the relaxation response
  • Restorative Yoga poses, modifications, etc.
  • How to sequence Restorative Yoga classes
  • Integrating Breathwork and somatics into Restorative classes
  • Holding space
  • Somatic Movement
  • Breathwork 


  • Restorative practices to soothe, balance and reset the nervous system. 
  • Breathwork unique to restoring the mind-body-spirit 

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching restorative postures
  • Using the power of healing touch in restorative yoga 
  • How and when to use props
  • Integrating somatics into teaching postures
  • Cueing and Scripting classes
  • Assessment Preparation


Yin Yoga

March  – April 2024


  • How to practice and teach yin yoga
  • Why Practice yin Yoga? Physical benefits
  • Connective tissues
  • Fascia and Myofascial Trains
  • Yin Yoga postures, modifications, etc.
  • How to sequence Yin Yoga Classes
  •  Relationship between Yin Yoga, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture 


  • Yin Yoga classes deepen your practice by moving past the superfical muscle into the deeper layers of fascia and connective tissues 

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching practice of postures 
  • Modification of poses
  • Integrating somatics and breathwork
  • Acupuncture points.  

Vinyasa and Hatha

May  2024 – October 2024


The Hatha and Vinyasa in this Yoga Teacher Training offer trainees an opportunity to strengthen. To receive the full healing benefits of yoga, students need to find a balance between strengthening the body through Hatha and Vinyasa and relaxing the body and mind through Yin and Restorative yoga.

You will learn sequencing that not only stabilizes the joints, strengthens the body, and develop mobility, but also helps you to balance your energetics and regulate your nervous system about stress and tension.

You will also learn how to share these teaching with others and develop your teaching voice.

The Hatha Vinyasa portion of the training starts in May 2024. 



Subtle Anatomy, Pranayama, Breathwork, and Meditation​ 


  • Chakras,
  • Vayus.
  • Doshas.
  • Koshas
  • Gunas
  • The science and benefits of Pranayama.
  • Pratyahara
  • Integrating subtle anatomy into restorative classes


  • Breathwork Meditations reaching a higher state of consciousness
  • Subtle Anatomy Meditations
  • Witness based meditations
  • Pranayama and breathwork – a wide variety of breath practices to help recover the nervous system from stress, depression, and trauma
  • Pratyahara and Shanmukhi mudra

Trauma-informed Yoga

Theory – pre-reading and class summary

  • Balancing the nervous system about the trauma response.
  • The biology of trauma.
  • How trauma effects
    • the nervous system,
    • endocrine system,
    • digestive system,
    • muscular system and
    • immune system.
  • Holding a trauma-sensitive space.

Yoga Philosophy

Ongoing throughout Training

The philosophy of our training is delivered in a non-dogmatic way, inviting group discussions where all beliefs and opinions are respected. We use class discussions, circles, artwork, chanting, static movement, trance dance,  empathetic listening, and meditation processes to explore the spiritual systems of Patanjali’s sutras, Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Samkhya, and Tantra.

We believe that these spiritual systems all offer a different perspective of the same truth and we hope that in our explorations, students can find in these belief systems, tools to strengthen the mind, emotions, and spirit, a spiritual rock to lean on in times of need, deeper insight to our true nature and a deeper sense of worth that lies inherent in our being.

Yoga Anatomy, Physiology, and Alignment

Ongoing Throughout Training

The anatomy of this Yoga training offers students a way to deepen and understand the functions and their relationship with their bodies and to feel confident working with other people’s bodies. Understanding anatomy and physiology will help all aspects of your yoga practice and teaching and will inspire students to trust you about physical health. 

The anatomy and physiology of this training is an introductory guide. The aim is to give students a firm understanding of the structures and functions of the systems of the human body. This anatomy and physiology introductory guide gives support to the practices of Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, and interoception exercises, such as yoga nidra. 


Your investment is €2100.

Payment plans are available to spread the cost of your training throughout the year. Once approved, a non-refundable deposit of €400 is required to secure your place. Pay monthly to spread the cost while you train.

We also offer an early bird offer of €1900 before the 1st of December 2023



Jan 2024 –November 2024

This Yoga Teacher Training consists of 11 x 2-day weekends


  • Jan – 27th-28th – restorative
  • Feb – 24th-25th – restorative
  • March – 30th-31st – yin
  • April – 27th-28th – yin
  • May – 25th-26th – Introduction to Hatha & Vinyasa
  • June – 29th-30th – hatha/vinaya
  • July – 27th- 28th – hatha/vinyasa
  • August 24th-25th -Breathwork Training 
  • September – 28th-29th – Hatha/Vinyasa 
  • October – 26th-27th – Hatha/Vinyasa
  • November – 23nd-24rd – Assessment Day and certification 


What The daily schedule Looks Like  :

9.00-11.00 – Asana

11.00-11.20- Break

11.30-1.30 Theory Class (anatomy, philosophy, asana breakdown, breathwork etc)

1.30-2.20 Lunch ( provided )

2.20 -4.00 Theory Class  (anatomy, philosophy, asana breakdown etc.)

4.30-6.00 Asana practice or Teaching Methodology (teaching in small groups, postural analysis etc)


Full Fees: €2100 
€600 deposit plus €135 monthly instalments

Early Bird : €1800 before Dec 1st 2023
You have the option of paying once upfront or paying your deposit to secure your place and then paying the remaining fees before Dec. 1st. 2023

Deposit : €600

Whats included

  • Yoga training manual in PDF
  • Vinyasa Training manual in PDF
  • Continued support and mentorship through the 11 months.
  • Trainee insurance with Y.A.P. at a discounted rate.
  • On graduation, SEWA 200 hr graduates are allowed to attend any classes on the 200 hr training, places permitting. 
  1. Please email us to inquire about places before booking or fill out our online application form
  1. When you have been accepted into the training, you can use the payment system below to secure your place.

200 hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Training.


€1800 – one payment option with €300 euros discount


€600 – Secure your place with a deposit and stagger your payments


€135 – Staggered monthly payment for 11 months



January  2023 – April 2024

This 100 hr Yin and Restorative Yoga CPD Training is also trauma-informed training combining the postures and energetic systems of Restorative yoga and Yin yoga. It also includes some teaching on Yoga Nidra, subtle anatomy, pranayama, and meditation.

 The training will be held both in the Shannon Estuary Way Academy Studio and live on  Zoom. 



  • Jan – 27th-29th – restorative
  • Feb – 24th-25th – restorative
  • March – 30th-31st – yin
  • April – 27th-28th – yin


Upon completion of the training, you will also have access to the GLY Members Online Training Platform, where you can re-watch the live lectures whenever you like. Teachers who complete this CPD can use the 8 0 hours towards CE credits and towards building up towards Advanced 300 hr teacher training ( coming soon ) 

What You Will Learn

 Yin Yoga


  • Fascia and Myofascial trains
  • Yin Yoga postures, modifications, sequencing,  etc.
  • How to sequence Yin Yoga Classes
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians. 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure points out meridians.



  • Learn Yin postures
  • using props
  • Sequencing classes all line, shoulders, hips, back
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Breathwork

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching Yin Yoga Postures 


Restorative Yoga


  • The science relating to the relaxation response
  • Restorative Yoga postures, modifications, etc.
  • How to sequence restorative yoga classes (restorative class scrips provided)
  • The yoga sutras are about moving beyond stress, anxiety, and trauma toward contentment and wellness. 


  • Learning Restorative yoga postures
  • How and when to use props. 
  • Restorative classes 
  • Yoga Nidras 
  • Breathwork 


Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching Restorative yoga postures

Subtle Anatomy, Pranayama, and Meditation


  • Chakras, 
  • Doshas. 
  • Koshas
  • Gunas
  • The science and benefits of Pranayama.
  • Pratyahara
  • Integrating subtle anatomy into restorative classes


  • Chakras meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Pranayama – abdominal breathing, tri-part breathing, 
  • Mudras
  • Chanting
  • Using sound healing in your practice
  • The power of Healing touch with restorative yoga postures 

Trauma-Informed Yoga


  • Balancing the nervous system about the trauma response. 
  • The biology of trauma.
  • How trauma effects
    • the nervous system, 
    • endocrine system, 
    • digestive system, 
    • muscular system and 
    • immune system. 
  • Holding a trauma-sensitive space. 

Interoception practices and Yoga Nidra


  • What is interception and why is it important?
  • Yoga Nidra – scripted processes


  • Yoga Nidras

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching Yoga Nidra  


The Yin and Restorative Yoga CPD Training is suitable for qualified yoga teachers, who wish to teach Yin and Restorative yoga and integrate the others aspects of the curriculum into their teachings. It is also suitable for experienced students who want to build up their teacher training hours but are not ready to complete their 200 hr foundation training. 

Teachers who complete this CPD can use the 100 hours towards CE credits and towards building up to 300 hours of teacher training 



€1100 – Contact us for a payment Plan