2023-07-02 12:45

Partners Pregnancy Retreat Day

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  • The Shannon Estuary Way Retreat
  • July 2, 2023
  • Sunday, 12:45 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Join expert Doula Lisa Joyce for a unique birth preparation retreat. A chance for you both to step away from the everyday and prepare as a team for birth. A mini babymoon. We all know birth and parenthood can be daunting, preparation and mindset are key. I will take you through a class where you will learn practical tools and comfort measures to use in labour, how to advocate for your partner and how to approach birth and parenthood has a team. Beautiful 3 course lunch and workbook included Micheal will take you through the benefits and brain training behind wimhoff where you the Mum to be will support your partner as they take on the mind over matter task of cold water immersion. Your partner will now have a new mindset and approach to how their words and support is invaluable in labour. Mums to be will be treated do a deeply relaxing baby bonding yoga class while partners will have a chance to warm up and discuss their experience in the sauna. A perfect balance of knowledge and relaxation so that you both leave feeling empowered, nourished and supported for the birth of your baby.

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    Partners Pregnancy Retreat Day

    Sunday, 12:45 PM to 5:00 PM
    July 2, 2023


    Partners Pregnancy Retreat Day

    Sunday, 12:45 PM to 5:00 PM
    July 2, 2023


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    Co. Clare,
    V95 Y88H

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