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Open Your Heart Day Retreat with Rosie

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  • The Shannon Estuary Way Retreat
  • April 15, 2023
  • Saturday, 10:45 AM to 4:45 PM
  • Open your Heart to Joy, its one of the highest vibrations in the universe alongside peace and enlightenment. This special Day retreat is just for you. Bringing you a beautiful balance of sacred rituals, Celtic Ancestorial Wisdom, Shamanic drumming, Sound bath frequencies specific to the heart chakra, deep restorative yin yoga class using aura spray, energy healing and essential oils to burst open your heart to joy, healing Breathwork to the sounds of specific breath beats and an Ecstatic Trance Dance off to the beats of the shamanic drums and other instruments to raise the vibrations and call in mother earth, our ancestors, joy, peace and harmony. You will be nurtured in this safe and sacred environment to explore your own body, mind and spirit and release any tensions through deep, soothing, healing, soulful and joyful practices. Join Rosie for a special Open your HEART Day retreat. On this Day Retreat we will explore practices that inspire opening your heart to joy, when our hearts open with joy we move from our minds and into the body to feel what its like to be truly ourselves. Releasing tensions and stresses – its like years of worry leaving your body. This Day retreat will Heal deeply and open your heart in a soft, soothing and nurturing way to bring you to that place of Joy . Guided by Rosie's Celtic Spiritual wisdom, this will be a deep dive into your heart and soul. Expect Deep, soulful, healing, yin and restorative yoga practice, breath work, heart centered meditation, Cacao ceremony, Shamanic drumming, sound bath, palo santo cleanse, energy healing, and deep yoga nidra relaxation, Healthy Delicious Vegetarian organic meal and dessert sourced locally from the land and in season. Breathwork led by Rosie A deeply powerful session to explore our higher consciousness that the breath can take us there. You will be guided safely in this practice by Rosie who is an Expert led Breathwork instructor. Trance Ecstatic Dance Off to powerful beats and the sounds of the shamanic drums and shakers led by Rosie who will take you on a transformational journey though movement and dance connecting with mother earth. Trance Ecstatic Dance is a method that will connect you with your Heart, body, soul, help you to release stuck emotions and allow you to awaken to the true beauty of who you really are. Cacao ceremony to open the heart and connect to mother earths wisdom. There is no right or wrong way to dance, there is no goal, no intention. Drums will be played, fun will be had and freedom, letting go the mind natter and moving down in to the heart. Enjoy time in the fire burning Hot tub, glass fronted sauna and cold water plunge with panoramic view and connect with nature and yourself on many levels. Feel the natural highs that hot cold contrast therapy gives us.

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    Open Your Heart Day Retreat with Rosie

    Saturday, 10:45 AM to 4:45 PM
    April 15, 2023


    Open Your Heart Day Retreat with Rosie

    Saturday, 10:45 AM to 4:45 PM
    April 15, 2023


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